Experience Wudang.

Hidden away, deep in the heart of Chinese culture, rests a legendary mountain range where medicine, science, and martial arts melded. Here, in the sacred Wudang Mountains, the art of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) was founded, and many of the most renown Daoists were immortalized. Most famous for their spiritual swordplay, the Wudang skills are a unique gift to the martial arts community.

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Study & Cultivate

Our Wudang Wuxue, or the Martial Studies from Wudang, are divided into various Disciplines. Each discipline is complementary while able to be trained separate from the other Disciplines. Each Discipline includes foundational material, traditional Wudang form(s), training, application theory.
  • ☯ 武当剑 Wudang Swordstyles
  • ☯ 武当拳 Wudang Kung Fu
  • ☯ 太极拳 Traditional Tai Chi
  • ☯ 八卦掌 Eight Trigram Palm
  • ☯ 形意拳 Form-Intent Boxing
  • ☯ 养生功 Daoist Longevity Arts
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Have Discussions

Talk about what matters to your team and stay in the loop with comments and activity.

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Enhance Your School

Our material is structured so that we can bring Wudang studies to your martial arts school (or facility) with the assistance of your instructor and training friends. We have WSA | Circles around the east Coast, and growing every month.
  • Circles

    Set up an on-going Tai Chi, sword, or other martial art group, with our material, methods, and guidance.

  • Workshops

    Plan a one-time workshop with our instructor to give a peak into our arts in your facility, region, or school.

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Try something unique

"Eastern martial arts have been in the west for over half a century. But often times they are taught and shared in a rigid environment and structure. We hope you can join us for a free class, and learn something that will change your life forever. From the way you defend yourself from an attacker, to the way you feel your breath moving inside your body." ~Teacher Xia

Visit Our Academy

Wudang Swordsmen Academy

269 S Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre PA 18701 USA

Our academy hosts classes six days a week, while offering events and private training on Saturdays as well. Please send us an email if you'd like to schedule some time to stop by and see the school or discuss our programs with Teacher Xia.